Historical Resource

Historical Resource Estimate (non-compliant)

Category Deposit Tonnes ('000t) Cu (%) Zn (%) Au (gpt) Ag (gpt) CuEq (%) CuEq (Mlbs)
Historical (non 43-101 compliant) Copperman 244 2.6 4.5 n/a n/a 3.68                    20
Lon 250 3.2 5.2 0.6 18.8 4.94                    27
MacBride                   1,820 0.3 8.8 0.1 4.5 2.74                  110
Morgan 272 n/a 15 3.4 n/a 6.07                    36
Total Historical                   2,586 0.76 8.69 0.48 4.98 3.39                  193

The Lon, Morgan, Copperman and MacBride deposits are historical deposits. The reader may refer to the Lon deposit press released October 31, 2007, the Morgan deposit press released November 22, 2016 and the MacBride deposit press released December 1, 2016. An internal report was completed by Granges Inc. in 1993 for the Lon deposit, Manitoba Government reports in the 1990s for the Morgan and Copperman deposits and an internal report by Knobby Lake Mines in 1977 for the MacBride deposit, however not all of the parameters used, assumptions made and methods used to prepare the historic estimates are known at this time.  Additional drilling would be required to upgrade all historical resources to a current Mineral Resource as the historic information does not satisfy the requirements set out by NI 43-101. Neither Rockcliff Metals nor its Qualified Persons have done sufficient work to classify the historic estimates as current Mineral Resources and are not treating the historical estimates as a current Mineral Resource. The reader is cautioned that the Lon,  Morgan, Copperman and MacBride historical resources should not be relied upon as they do not satisfy current Mineral Resource or Mineral Reserve terminology.

Copper and zinc equivalent grades were used with historical resources of the Copperman, Lon, Morgan and MacBride deposits and the Last Hurrah Zone.  Metal prices using an 18 month moving average to October 31, 2021 were US$3.52 copper, US$1.18 zinc, US$1817 gold and $23.75 silver. Recoveries used were 95% copper, 80% zinc, 80% gold and 80% silver.